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佳皇木业,1988 年成立于香港。是一家集研发、专业销售各国进口高级木地板系列,多层复合实木系列,户外板系列于一 体的木地板生产企业。 


公司自成立以来一直严把质量关,从原材料到成品入库、现场施工环环把控,对每一个细节都精益求精,确保每一款地板都 有钻石般的品质。 

每个人都有独一无二的气质,每个设计师都有独特的灵魂与内涵,佳皇与知名设计师合作多年,善于将设计师的理念贯彻落 地,为尊贵的您定制高端地板,每一款都是私人定制!

Jiahuang Wood was established in Hong Kong in 1988. It is a wooden floor manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D and professional sales of imported high-grade wooden floor series, multilayer composite solid wood series and outdoor board series. The company has an excellent team, strong funds, and the introduction of German professional equipment, which has become the guarantee of the strength of the Jiahuang floor brand. Since its establishment, the company has been strict in quality control, from raw materials to finished products warehousing, and on-site construction. It keeps improving every detail to ensure that every floor has a diamond-like quality. Everyone has a unique temperament, and every designer has a unique soul and connotation. Jiahuang has cooperated with well-known designers for many years, and is good at implementing the designer’s ideas and customizing high-end floors for you, each model. It’s private customization!